‘A Proposal to Humankind for an Undivided Human Society and Universal Orderliness – Based on Reality’

Background – ‘The Alternative’ (विकल्प)

My fellow human brothers and sisters,

The Study of Human-being could not be accomplished until now by the two major ideologies – Idealism(Spiritualism) and Materialism (Science) – that emerged and evolved in the history of humankind. I experience happiness while informing you that - The Alternative is “Madhyasth Darshan Saha-Astitva-Vad”, for which another name is “Existence-Rooted Human-Centric Contemplation” or 'Coexistentialism' or 'Jeevan Vidya'. The Study of Human-being is now possible in, from, and for coexistence with Madhyasth Darshan...

- A. Nagraj - propounder, Madhyasth Darshan (Coexistentialism), Amarkantak, MP, India Read more...


Human-beings found at present on this Earth, which is a part of one among infinite galaxies in the all pervasive Space (Void), are extremely fortunate, because they have the golden opportunity and means for studying and experimenting progression and regression in existence.... This proposal is so that every human know the other human as a unit (in orderliness) and fulfill the relationship with him accordingly...Is for fulfilling one’s responsibilities in undivided-society and universal-orderliness in a natural manner... Is so that knowledge and cherished humane culture and civilization can be evidenced...Read more...

Must Reads

Must read book: 'Jeevan Vidya an Introduction'
- starting book that provides the background and overview, in easy language...

Literature Overview:
Systematic Study of the Literature is the starting point for understanding...

Evolution & Progression in Existence
Nature of Reality - in State and Progression. Purpose of existence, development on a planet and its destination...

In Education

-->शिक्षा नीति का प्रारूप
-->Syllabus for Education
-->Class 1-5 books in Hindi
-->Class 6-10 books in Hindi

Higher Education
--> Rationale & Need in Education:Use of a supplementary course...
-->Human Values courses: based on Jeevan Vidya run in more than 30 Universities..
--> Sample Syllabus: Human Values, First Year..

Useful Information

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Shivir Notes - परिचय शिविर नोट्स:
Useful workshop notes, etc. संवाद शैली में प्राथमिक परिचय शिविर के साथ/पश्च्यात पढ़ने हेतु विद्यार्थी टिप्पणियाँ ...

Guidance on how to proceed: Want to know more? What to do next after a workshop? Useful pointers for Newcomers, Beginners & Students

Watch Video/Audio: by A Nagraj & others, very useful to supplement reading of books & shivirs...

about > Intro Workshop (परिचय)

Of 7 days duration, these provide an overview to Madhyasth Darshan (Jeevan Vidya is the name of the program) . Conducted in the form of a dialogue.

There are 2 'levels' of Introduction - 'Preliminary Introduction' that establishes the need for study and 'Introduction to Study points/ Adhyayan Bindu' - that provides the overview of the syllabus. There is no 'fee' for the teaching.


about > Study Shivir (अध्ययन)

After the 'Introductory/Parichay' workshop, a 'Systematic Study of the Madhyasth Darshan Literature is a necessary step in order to make progress in Understanding.

There are 2 kinds of Adhyayan shivirs: 'part-time' shivirs (7-10 days every 2-3 months for 2-3 years) and an intensive, full-time program for 6 months. Classroom sessions, Self-Study and group discussions. There is no 'fee' for the 'teaching'.


about > Shivir stages (शिविर क्रम)

Stage I. 'INTRO' WORKSHOP = 'Parichay' Shivir of 2 kinds: #1) "Preliminary Introduction" & #2) "Adhyayan Bindu Parichay" (main study points)

Stage II. 'STUDY' Shivir = 'Adhyayan' Shivir , are with the Madhyasth Darshan Books by A Nagraj, of 2 kinds: a) Part Time & b) Full Time

Stage III. GOSHTI (Discussion Groups) of 2 kinds: a) Adhyayan:To complete reading-analysis & b) [avdharna]:To verify/complete understanding)