This workshop is about co-existential principles in existence (saha-astitva-vaad),  a ground-breaking development in human understanding. It proposes the nature of Reality and Human life. It has an answer to every Why? & How?

It is about understanding ourselves as humans and our relationships in family, society and nature. It proposes universal resolutions to our current issues and suggests a harmonious world order via consciousness-development in man - based on reality.



We are humans from diverse walks of life who are driven by our enquiry to understand and apprehend reality and live with meaning and harmony on this planet.

This work is seminal in nature. It inaugurates reality, human knowledge & living. We have found a resolution in this proposal.


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We are convinced this understanding is needed by every human being and has answers for the myriad issues all of us face, the world faces. 


The workshop is an introduction to the 'Madhyasth Darshan' philosophy propounded by Shri A.Nagraj (1920-2016) of Amarkantak, MP (India). Driven by an intense enquiry to know Truth and the purpose of human life, he through a rigorous internal quest attained 'direct realization' (understood everything). 

He has presented his finding as an 'Alternative' to Materialism & Idealism (Theism, Spiritualism). 'Jeevan Vidya' is the name of the awareness program.


- Ordinary Humans (Students, Adults, Parents, Family folk)
- Intellectuals (Thinkers, Activists, Spiritualists, Religionists, Humanists)
- Scientists (Natural Scientists, Psychologists, Social Scientists)
...If you are Human, you need this.

We are a self supporting group of people, with no religious, political affiliation or 'formal membership' - bound by a common vision and purpose. 


knowledge is free. like the wind. its everywhere.

studying life is serious. its natural. its a lot of fun.


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